Englischer Abend/English Evening

Achtung: dieser Eintrag ist nicht mehr aktuell!

Wir möchten Sie herzlich zu einem weiteren Englischen Abend einladen!

We want to invite you to an English Evening!

Möchten Sie endlich wieder Englisch sprechen? Hätten Sie Spaß Ihr Englisch gemeinsam mit uns in netter Runde zu üben und zu verbessern? Dann kommen Sie einfach vorbei!

How would you like a little twist on your usual evening out ?

How would you feel having an opportunity to practice your English ?

No – no fees, no homework – no exams – just one condition – you are expected to speak in English to the other guests during the whole evening.

Who are the other guests? People like you – who want to keep and improve their language skills.

Guests : you and native English speakers as well as those, who have spent considerable time in an English speaking country (e.g. UK, Australia, USA) for the English language becoming their ‘second’ language.

Come on – join us, you may even enjoy it!

Contact: Erika Kudweis

Mail: pr@kudweis.at

Phone: 0664 4326940

Ort3021 Pressbaum

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